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Before you can take advantage of some of our cutting-edge tree services, you may want to consider a consultation with one of our professional staff. Specifically, to make the most of our Daytona Beach arborist insights.

SB Tree Service is home to some of the best names in the local industry. Our team of certified tree professionals advises and makes recommendations for tree owners during and at the end of their trees’ lifespans.

Let’s take a closer look.

So, What Does an Arborist Do?

As a resident of Florida, one thing is always the same, no matter where you live: there are trees, and the trees are everywhere.

Which isn’t to sound like we’re complaining. Trees are wonderful! They offer many benefits, whether they’re providing shade, making the oxygen we breathe, or growing our food. They prevent soil erosion. Their swaying and shade help to keep our cities cool during those hot summer months.

Plus, they’re great to look at. Trees are the best way to remind yourself of the nature around us, and a healthy decoration for otherwise-drab city blocks.

But trees, just like people, need care. Comprehensive care in the form of nutrients and targeted pruning. This is the work arborists do. These are trained, certified professionals with access to the gear, experience and know-how to safeguard your trees in any situation.

Because, remember: trees may be beautiful, but they can actually topple over, become diseased and hurt people if left untended for too long. Maybe your tree overgrows a power line. Maybe it falls over in a hurricane. Whatever the occasion, a certified arborist can help to prevent it from ever happening with insightful preventative care.

Tree Pruning

Arborists provide many services, but one of the ones they’re more commonly known for is determining what type of pruning is called for. Because, as you might be able to guess, just climbing to the top branches of your tree with a chainsaw and no knowledge is a bad idea.

Proper pruning promotes healthy growth in your tree. It also helps in removing any dead wood that may be left behind from other pruning, accidents, or just aging. Lastly, it also naturally protects your tree from insects.

Tree Removal

Of course, all the pruning and caring for a tree in the world can’t hold off the inevitable: eventually, all living things end up dying. At the point where there’s nothing to be done for your tree, however, it’s important to have access to someone who knows how to remove it safely.

As a Daytona Beach arborist, SB Tree Service can advise on how to remove a tree. Once you’ve come to an agreement, they’ll communicate between you and our team, getting the entire process underway. This way, the removal is planned out well ahead of time and carried out by a team of professionals who know what they’re doing. Safe. Efficient. A perfect sendoff for your tree.

Tree Planting

It may sound obvious, but knowing where to plant a tree can make all the difference to the long-term health of that tree. So much so that, when we look at trees or plants which have been placed in the incorrect locations for optimal or decent growth, we can advise on replanting.

Emergency Care

As a Florida tree owner, you’ll likely be aware of the effect storms and strong winds can have on your tall, leafy friends. A severe storm can cause huge amounts of damage to the whole tree or even just a few individual limbs. Either way, what you’re left with is a compromised tree that you can’t trust anymore.

Arborists can also help to advise when a tree needs to be cut down or trimmed following a storm.

Get The Benefits of a Daytona Beach Arborist, Today

Just because you own a tree doesn’t mean you’re a tree professional. And why should you be? Buying a car doesn’t make you an auto mechanic. Filing your taxes doesn’t make you a chartered accountant.

With the help of our professional Daytona Beach arborist team, SB Tree Service is here to make sure you have all the insights you need. Maybe a simple trimming is all your tree needs. Maybe it’s more. Or maybe it’s too late, and you need someone with a professional eye to tell you the best way to get yours removed.

At SB Tree Service, we bring you tree care insights so you can make informed decisions. Get in touch with us, today, to find out more about our Daytona Beach arborist offerings.

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