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Fall Tree Care Tips

As we head into fall, it can be easy to think you don’t have to spend much time worrying about your trees. The cold winter months are ahead of us, so we’ll have to watch out for infections, disease, and sicknesses then. The summer is behind us, so there are no new bugs or wild critters to chase off.

But the truth is fall is the perfect time to put a little work into your tree and get it ready for another big season of healthy growth. Join us, today, as we break down three choice fall tree care tips to help you get more out of your tree this autumn.

Investigating Potential Issues

As a tree owner, it’s always a good idea to check in on your tree’s health. Regularly scheduling time check your tree after each pruning session can help you to unearth any number of potential issues.

Typically, you’ll want to do this after the leaves have fallen, making fall the perfect time for it. The idea, here, is that it is much easier to see the structure of a tree’s branches when there are fewer leaves. It’s the quickest, most reliable way to find non-essential parts so you can remove them. Dead, broken, and damaged branches have to be removed in order to encourage healthy growth.

Prepping For The Rest Of The Year

In the fall months, tree roots typically grow more than they do during the rest of the year. As children, we learn all about how these root systems work as energy-gathering organs for our trees. And during these “quiet months”, the roots gather energy to use during the more active spring months, when trees grow fastest.

Shoot growth, leaf formation, and flowering take a lot of energy, so if you can fertilize during the fall, you can get a headstart on things. Maintaining soil nutrient levels helps to promote new growth in the spring.

Newly-grown and younger trees can benefit a lot from complementary feeding and fertilization. Take the time during the fall months to look after your trees so that they grow more efficiently during the rest of the year.

Maintaining Moisture

Trees are living things, just like us. They need protection from harsh climates, bad weather, and conditions that could harm them. With that in mind, it’s beneficial for any tree to top up its mulch and give the root systems more protection against extreme temperatures. This is a time where your tree’s growth is in standby mode, so Fall becomes a great opportunity to add more mulch.

The benefits of your mulch go even further than this. It also helps to maintain the levels of moisture in your soil during the dry winter. With 2-to-3 inches of composted mulch over a tree’s roots, you lock in the important moisture that might otherwise be lacking at the moment.

Fall Tree Care Tips

The early fall months are the perfect time to start winterizing your trees and getting them ready for another season of growth. Spring is a time for renewed growth, but the more you can do for your trees in the months before that, the better their chances at sustained growth.

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