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Is Your Tree Ready for a Hurricane?

During a hurricane, your yard can become ground zero for any number of high-wind incidents. Dislodged tree branches can blow through windows, damage your house, and cause serious injuries to your and your family. Not convinced? Just Google image search the phrase hurricane tree damage for a closer look.

So, what’s the best way to make sure you’re ready for a hurricane or tropical storm? Join us, today, as we take a closer look.

Evaluate Your Yard

Ahead of a hurricane, the responsible decision is to have your yard looked at by a professional tree service. The idea, here, is to have your property assessed for potential risks during an upcoming storm. With this information on-hand, you can take any precautions you need before the storm hits, or rest assured, knowing there aren’t any looming problems.

What To Look Out For

Clearly, during a big storm, the smaller plants in your yard are going to be a lot more vulnerable than larger trees or shrubs. They’re also easier to bolster against the wind and the rain. The following measures can make all the difference in this regard:

  • strategically planting trees can help to protect your property from strong winds
  • planting trees away from your home
  • trimming back weakened limbs
  • maintaining your trees with professional tree maintenance services

What To Do

Trees are one of the more susceptible parts of your house to the damages of hurricanes and big storms. But this damage isn’t inevitable. There are ways for property owners and managers to reduce the potential damage to their trees:

  • Prune your trees, consistently.
  • Never prune more than 25% of your trees.
  • Clear out or cut off any dead wood before pests can bore into it.
  • Grind down any stumps, below grade.
  • Use layered organic mulch to protect your tree’s roots.
  • Wrap up your shrubs and other plants with strong cloth.
  • Use stakes to anchor your tree against the storm.
  • Wrap newly planted trees with burlap around their trunks.
  • Make use of a licensed and insured tree maintenance professional.

Ahead of the upcoming hurricane season, there’s more you can do to protect your trees than you might expect. For expert tree maintenance from a leading service provider, visit SB Tree Service, today, and check out some of our other awesome blog content.

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