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On Winter Pruning

Unfortunately, artists don’t have much of a canvas to work with in the cold, grey winter months. The beautiful colors of blooming flowers in the spring and summer can’t compare to the dull, muted tones of the holiday season, no matter how many Christmas trees you decorate.

In winter, most of the flowering shrubs and trees have gone dormant, especially depending on what climate you are in. But, talk to any botanist worth their salet and they will agree that late winter is the most important time for winter tree pruning.

Don’t fall into laziness when it comes to winter pruning just because your shrubs and trees look dead. This is the time to get out and prune them. Late winter is the optimum time to prune, just weeks before the buds start swelling and the sap starts flowing again.

This also allows healing time and re-energizing from those cuts before it’s time to flower again. But don’t get scissor happy just yet, because not all trees and shrubs should be pruned at this time.

Which Trees and Shrubs Are Best To Prune In The Winter?

For a good rule of thumb, prune when the plant is asleep, or dormant, and does not have any buds. Deciduous plants are what we want to prune. These are the plants that drop their leaves in the fall and do not flower in early spring. Plants that flower in late spring and summer are great for pruning, too, provided it’s done in the late winter. 

Make sure to avoid pruning all the spring flowering plants because the wintertime is when they’ll have their buds. This would, unfortunately, destroy the flowers ahead of them blooming.

Why We Prune

Always make sure to prune any dead, damaged or diseased branches from any trees. The tree will still try to bring nutrients to these branches, limiting how much food the rest of the tree gets. 

Pruning is a scientifically proven method to improve the structure of the tree as it benefits from getting pruned, while living longer. Ironically, another reason to prune is the damage the overarching branches cause the tree as they scrape up against each other. 

Winter Pruning

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