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Saving Your Trees During A Hurricane

So, the big hurricane’s on its way, and you want to do what you can to protect your trees. The good news is, you can actually rectify a lot of hurricane-related issues after the fact. Here are a few tips you can use if you’ve recently suffered damages:

  • Cover up your tree roots so they stay moist until the hurricanes pass and you can work on them properly.
  • Dig out the soil from under any exposed tree roots and prune back your tree’s root system so you can put it back underground. Make sure not to break the roots. 
  • Straighten up your tree with a stake firmly planted in the ground. Leave it there for at least 6 months.
  • Water daily for 2-4 weeks, and less frequently if it rains.

With recent hurricane warnings already in place and more to come as the year progresses, let’s look at two important considerations you should be making:

Pruning Trees

In the quest to preserve your tree following a hurricane, pruning should be your number one priority. Pruning should be done as early as possible. Do it too late, and the storm might end up doing your pruning for you.

Examine your trees for cracks in their trunks and damage to any parts of the main branches. If more than half of its crown is damaged or perhaps missing, you’ll need to remove the whole tree. If you do end up pruning the crown, you’ll need to make sure it’s pruned equally so your tree doesn’t have problems hydrating the leaves hydrated when it starts regrowing.

Next, make sure to use a pruner or chainsaw when cleaning up serrated ends. Cut them at angles for better growth. Also, avoid pruning paint, which has been known to seal fungus within the tree.

For larger broken branches, prune where the branch forks out, provided if the bark is still intact. When cutting large branches all the way down to the trunk, make sure not to touch the area where the branch merges from the trunk, otherwise known as the branch collar.

Planting Right

Maybe the hurricane hit you harder than you expected and now you’re stuck buying and planting new trees in the wake of the disaster. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Trees that hold up particularly well during hurricanes include avocado and mango trees, which are extremely adaptable. Shrubs can be a great option for your yard as well, with wax myrtle, Spanish plug and spice wood all performing well. 

Above all else, your yard needs close attention and consistent work if it’s going to recover from the effects of a hurricane. And the best way to get the job done is to ask a professional. Visit SB Tree Services, today, to find out more about our complete yard and tree maintenance portfolio.

Looking for more great insights into the tree maintenance process? Worried about the impending hurricanes? Get in touch with SB Tree Service, today, to find out more!

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