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Three Great Reasons For Hurricane Tree Trimming

As Floridians head right back into the yearly hurricane season, it’s time to start locking down your house and property against the torrential winds on their way. And, while you’re tying down your grill and putting wood up against your windows, it can be easy to overlook your trees. After all, they’re just there for the most part.

But it’s important to take care of your trees before the high winds of a hurricane turn their branches, leaves and debris into a real problem for you. So join us today as we bring you three great reasons for hurricane tree trimming.

It’s Great For Your Tree’s Health!

Pruning your tree is almost always a great idea, but it’s especially useful just before a hurricane as it will help to bolster and strengthen your tree’s defenses. A professionally pruned tree is more stable, overall, and it’s going to need that strength to deal with 150-mile-an-hour-winds. 

But do it early. The earlier you prune your tree, the longer it will have to recover from all of the cuts and incisions made during the pruning process. Get caught with only a few days before the hurricane hits, and your tree may be more susceptible to infections and various illnesses. It’s always recommended to prune ahead of time, but the earlier the better.

You’ll Reveal Unexpected Weaknesses

Pruning is also a solid way to uncover hidden problems within the structure of the tree itself. Tree stress may require special bracing in order to stabilize your trees. 

Without pruning your tree, there’s a lot you may not know about your tree. Instabilities and weaknesses that exist far below its bark could go undetected for years unless you take the time to prune back its branches.

Need more motivation? Pruning your tree helps to uncover insect infestations and diseases that  may also be at work deep inside of your tree. This can lead to breaks and falling during a hurricane or large storm. A Certified Arborist may be able to treat a serious insect infestation without having to cut away too much of the tree, giving it a better shot of survival in the face of a massive hurricane.

Removing Dangerous Limbs

A hurricane is a dangerous thing to live through for many reasons, but one of the most obvious is the fact that high speed winds blow big things around. Damaged and broken branches careening through the air can damage your home, break windows, lodge in your drains and, most importantly, hurt you and your loved ones. 

Professional pruning removes damaged branches before they become a big issue. With this taken care of, you’ll have done all you can with regard to your tree to protect yourself, your home, and your family. Now all that’s left to do is head inside, batten down the hatches, and weather out the storm. 

Hurricane Tree Trimming

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