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Tree Care: Three Simple Tips

No surprise here, but flowering plants can be extremely difficult and finicky to properly care for. Thank goodness most trees are not this high maintenance and don’t require so much tending to.

While we don’t all think of ourselves as having a green thumb, there are certain things that we should be able to do. If we have our own yards, tree trimming is one of those things that extends the life of our trees and shrubs.

Simple Tips For Tree Trimming

  1. Trim Trees While Young.

    Fun Fact. You can shape a tree while the branches are still young. The branches are still soft and easily cut at a young age, thereby paving an easier path to older tree trimming. 
  2. Tree Trimming During Tree Hibernation.

    Anywhere you can reduce stress on trees is good. Winter hibernation is the best time for trimming because you don’t have those pesky leaves to bother you. This is also a convenient healing period for the tree before the spring renewal arrives.
  3. Dead and Weak Branches Must Go.

    Don’t go scissor happy on your tree. Do your homework before you start cutting to avert a disaster, like taking out the whole tree. Most trees will show their dead or weakened branches pretty easily. Just don’t cut any major arteries.

    Ironically, with dead branches, the tree will still try to use all of its nutrients to heal its sick or dead parts. This limits its growth.

When To Call Your Local Tree Experts

If you are wary of cutting the trees yourself, SB Tree Services is always there to assist you with your tree trimmings. Please do not try to cut or trim any trees if you are not physically up to the task. Leave it to the experienced tree experts at SB Tree Services.

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