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Tree Removal Reasons

Being called a “tree hugger” doesn’t mean you’re out there, actually hugging trees. It’s just that you like to preserve as many woodlands as you can.

Trees are magnificent structures and, around these parts, can be historical in nature. It’s no surprise you’re out there, trying to save them all.

But, by doing so, you might actually be asking for damage to your home or property in the near future if those trees are dying or already dead.

Why You Must Cut Down A Tree

We don’t want to do it, but sometimes it is just plain necessary to cut our trees down, for their sake and for ours. Here are three important reasons why certain trees must come down:

  1. Trees Are Dying. First, you have to identify if a tree has died. Dead trees do not produce fruit anymore, so that’s an early sign. You will also notice that a dead tree loses its growth at an alarming rate.

    Another way to tell a tree is dying is its non-production of leaves. The leaves may still be falling, or it may have lost all of its leaves already. This is certainly a tell-tale sign your tree is dead or, at least, on its way out. 

  2. Dangerous Trees. Even if a tree is not dead, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose a problem. As trees age, they can become weak or sick and, if a large windstorm were to blow in, you may just have a yard full of debris or, worse yet, a tree in your home.

    Watch for the trees when in a moderate windstorm to see if any are leaning or swaying from side to side. If they are, it may be imperative to have trees checked out by tree experts

  3. The Tree Looks Awful. If you are selling your house, that tree blocking your home’s front entrance may have to come down. These are living things and we want to preserve them, but sometimes certain decisions need to be made. Your rate of return on a beautifully landscaped and manicured lot is upwards of 14%, so it makes economic sense. You can always plant something else, somewhere else, to make up for the one you took.

When To Call On A Tree Service Company

If you are having any issues or notice any trees that may be dead or dying, it is important to call on your local tree experts at SB Tree Services. We are here to consult with you on the health of your trees and yard details.

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