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Tree Removal Service in Debary, Fl

Tree Removal Service in Debary, FL – Maintaining a tree is no walk in the park (even though you will find many trees at the park, which we highly recommend). Sometimes, you’ll do everything you can to keep a tree alive, and old age, disease or even just the weather will get in the way.

Tree removal is sometimes the best option when it comes to your tree’s health. If the tree is too big to support its own weight, has become diseased, or is damaged in a storm or hurricane, leaving it alive can actually be very dangerous.

But where do you go to find skilled, reliable tree expansion work? SB Tree Service provides efficient, reliable tree removal services to homes in Debary and surrounding areas. We put our expertise to use, cutting, maintaining, and removing as needed, to bring out the best in your homes and offices.

What makes us different? Our extremely talented tree specialists, for a start. With their combined years of tree service expertise and varied skillsets, their blend of skill and hard work sets them apart. Then you can throw in a selection of professional mowers and precision equipment, and the results are a matter of fact, not opinion. That’s the SB Tree Service difference.

For excellent workmanship and first-rate project results, the make SB Tree Service the name you call. Tree removal is no small feat, but we’ve built our name on our efficiency, hard work, and customer care. And we bring that value back to you, our Debary clients.

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SB Tree Service supports the homes and business properties of Debary, FL with comprehensive tree removal services. Our choice of professional cutting and evacuation work ensures safer, more attractive properties.

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  • Tree risk assessment
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Mulching and soil and brush clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Crane services

Just like pruning and other maintenance services, tree removal is actually an essential part of raising a tree. That might sound counterintuitive but it’s inevitable. Trees grow and, if you tend to them carefully, they often grow fairly large. They will eventually grow old, and heavy, and sustain damage over the years. And, one day, it will be time for them to move on. That may feel like “giving up,” but leaving a rotting tree to fall over, damage your home, hurt somebody, and spread illness to your other trees is far worse. In these cases, tree removal isn’t just useful – it’s essential.

The Dangers Of A Dying Tree

A dead or dying tree can present several potential risks, many of which the average person will not recognize. It may not seem like a big deal, but dead branches, diseased trunks, and unstable trees cause hundreds of injuries every year.

Be wary of trying to handle the removal process yourself. If you are unable to find the right tools for the job, there are several problems that could develop, none of which are pretty. For example, overhanging or swinging branches can damage power lines, electrifying themselves and nearby objects and causing fires. Over the years, these lines will often run into or near branches or make contact with the upper part of the tree. It can be hard to see when this has happened, and you could also seriously harm yourself trying to work in your tree, should you make contact.

A dead or dying tree may also lose its limbs during the removal process on limbs. It is extremely dangerous in one of two ways. First, a loose branch may be disconnected during the cutting and swing to hit you, your family or your property. These are often very large and can cause considerable damage even when you have expected them.

Furthermore, if a large portion of the trunk comes out during the cutting process, the entire tree may come down on you. To the untrained eye, this would be very hard to spot ahead of time. The exterior bark could make the tree seem completely healthy. You could follow every safety rule in the book, setting up and cutting straight into the tree with caution. But, without a risk assessment, you could miss a rotten inner trunk and the entire tree could fall way before you’re ready.

A scenario like this may sound unlikely but trust us: they happen all the time, especially with people doing the work themselves. This is why finding a professional to take the work off your plate is so important. Because, unless you’re in the industry yourself, there’s every chance you’ll miss most of the warning signs before you start.

Swinging branches come down when they’ve lost their foundations in a dead tree. Old, rotten tree trunks can lead to a tree falling over, spontaneously, damaging your property. These are both real dangers, but there is one more issue that can come from leaving a dead tree in your yard: spreading disease.

Trees are living things. When they rot, it’s because of various fungi that enter into the sickly tree and degrade its wood fibers. The same thing happens to animals and even humans. And, much like animals and humans, the best thing to do with a dead tree is to remove it from all of the nearby trees that are still healthy. Otherwise, diseases and harmful pathogens can spread to healthy trees and make them sick as well. Even if the soil is corrected and the other trees are tended to, a dying tree can still infect its neighbors. This will lead to more work for you and could result in more trees dying.

Ongoing tree health is obviously very important, not just for your tree, but for its neighbors as well. There are plenty of people out there willing to help prune and maintain your healthy trees. But expert removal work is extremely important, as well, cutting off the problem at its source.

SB Tree Service is happy to provide a full-service offering, for everything you need throughout your tree’s lifespan. From beginning to end, it’s our job to help you do the right thing for your tree.

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So you’ve been looking for a quality tree removal service in Debary, but without any luck? Stop wasting your time on industry amateurs and guys with pickup trucks who’ll do it for a sixpack and some pizza. Why not go with an industry-leading name, instead, for expert services, quality workmanship, and a consistent finish? SB Tree Service offers all this and more, and we are waiting to hear from you.

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