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Tree Trimming Or Pruning?

Ever wonder what most people are daydreaming about at your local coffee shop? You see them just staring outside, with such deep intent. And, while they are usually looking out at trees, we are pretty sure they aren’t thinking about trimming or pruning them.

But the tree experts may be. And, if they are, you can bet the words “trimming” and “pruning” come to mind at some point. While there is a definite difference between the two, they also have some of the same end benefits. 

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is more for the aesthetics of the tree than actually being purposeful. Trimming gives you a very specific desired “look”.

It’s typical to do tree trimming when your tree branches get to the point of looking unkempt. It’s also called trimming when cutting back branches that cross over power lines or block any field of vision. 

What Is Tree Pruning?

The objective, when it comes to tree pruning, is one specific purpose: to better the tree’s overall health and livelihood. When pruning, one would be looking for dead or diseased branches and cutting them off.

Removing any branches that would hinder any structural growth to the whole life of the tree is the ultimate objective. This process should be handled by expert arborists or tree experts, so as to not disturb the tree’s survival.

When To Prune And Trim The Trees

Since trimming is for cosmetic purposes only, you can trim at any time of the year, but spring is always the best time for this. The pruning schedule is a little more specific. It is best to prune once or twice a year and always a few weeks before the first flowering bud shows itself. This gives the tree time to heal before enduring the growth cycle in mid to late spring. 

Why SB Tree Services 

When you love something so much, you involve your life in it and it becomes your passion. It’s exactly what you will find with the tree experts at SB Tree Service located in Volusia County. When you need some tree help, you now know who to call on. Don’t forget to call them with spring just right around the corner, as this is the optimal time to prune and trim those trees.

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