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Trimming Oak Trees

For tree owners in Florida, there’s a lot to love about your oak tree. Strong, tall, and with that classic look to them, this is a tree lover’s tree. But, for everything that’s right about these mighty trees, there’s one annoying issue that can arise: oak wilt.

This disease develops when an oak tree is pruned at the wrong time of year. Oak trees need to be pruned during a very particular window of time, which must be followed to the letter in order to protect them from funguses. And, in the case of this particular fungus, the consequences can be fatal.

But when should we be trimming oak trees? And how do you know when it’s too late? Join us, today, as we break the entire process down.

Trimming Oak Trees: How Often?

As a rule of thumb, you should prune your oak trees every two-to-three years, in order to keep them healthy. 

The Best Time To Prune Oak Trees

Typically, the best time during which to prune your oak trees is from November 1st to March 31st. This owes a lot to the fact that sap beetles, which spread oak wilt, are chiefly active from April through to August. Beetles are attracted to the smell of withered oak fungus on infected trees. They move in to feed on said fungus, before leaving to pass it on to healthy via any natural cuts or lesions they may have. 

This is why we prune oaks during the “off season”, in order to prevent infection.

When To Avoid Trimming Oak Trees

In Florida’s relatively temperate climate, you can opt to lightly prune your oak tree, as needed, throughout the year. Ideally, you’ll avoid trimming oak trees as they are just coming out from winter dormancy, when the leaves and bark are still new and vibrant. This applies throughout March and early April.

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